Specialised Services


Focused on providing solutions

Innovation is in our DNA. Scotty Johnstone was a man ahead of his time – he was the first roading contractor in New Zealand to use cab-operated sprayers and a four axle 13,500 litre spray tanker. Fifty five years later, that legacy of creative, client-focused thinking continues at Johnstone & Masters – we’ve used this approach to build an exceptional reputation for providing solutions and specialised, tailored services for our clients.

‘Civil’ will always be our core business. But it’s not what we do, it’s how we do it – always with an ‘eye’ to how we can deliver works more effectively and more efficiently. We will always add value wherever we can.

With our extensive experience in civil construction (for both public and private infrastructure), we provide a complete range of civil contracting services in New Zealand and throughout the Pacific. Our expertise covers bitumen and asphalt road surfacing, paving, airport construction, car park construction, plant hire, personnel hire, general roadworks, and road-line marking.

Plant Hire and Personnel Hire

JML provides wet plant hire for a variety of clients and their requirements – ranging from small private jobs such as site cuts and spoil removal through to bulk and detailed excavation on subdivision, building and road sites. Our plant operators are experienced, competent, versatile and reliable. They expertly adapt to work in any environments and work safely in conjunction with other trades on site.


The ability to work with the right subcontractor is a key to our ability to deliver the best service for our clients. JML specialises in identifying like-minded partners to deliver any specialist construction work required, such as kerbing, street lighting or installation of traffic control devices. Our subcontracting partners are managed in line with the JML Quality Management System to ensure full compliance with contract specifications.

Civil Construction

From farm to city, big or small, JML provides an expert ‘end to end’ service from planning to implementation and completion for all civil construction requirements. We’re the experts in:

  • Set out and survey
  • Preparation
  • Certification applications
  • Resource consents
  • Public notifications
  • Planning
  • Project management
  • Assurance
  • Track building and maintenance ( we build National cycleways and maintain tracks for the Department of Conservation)
  • Execution of qualified planning
  • Local council by-law requirements and applications

Track Building

In partnership with Department of Conservation, we develop, maintain and engineer solutions for world class tramping trails,

walkways and tracks. For even the most challenging of terrains, we strategically plan and deliver works which are fully compliant with the rigorous local, national and international standards.

Roading Construction

With 75 years in the business, and three generations of innovation and industry knowledge to call on, JML has access to a wealth of Roading and Surfacing expertise. We have established an outstanding track record for engineering and design solutions for roading construction, throughout the North Island and Pacific Islands. With our specialised plant, equipment and expertise we have successfully delivered roading construction works from State Highway networks through to airports, industrial plants and residential developments.

Project Management Services

Our successful delivery of contract works is achieved through our comprehensive project management systems and processes. We take an ‘end to end’ approach, focused on best for client outcomes at each stage of construction. This includes:

  • Site Appraisal and close liaison with client representatives, consultants and project management organisations.
  • Targeted site investigation works
  • Environmental and ecological impact appraisal
  • Surveying, ground modelling and appraisal of engineering options
  • Cost appraisal, quantity surveying and budget preparation
  • Production of strategy, specification, environmental plans and programmes
  • Liaison with regulators such as planning, highway and environmental authorities
  • Validation and discharge of all planning conditions
  • In-depth post-completion monitoring and reporting.

Surfacing Projects

JML’s surfacing expertise and the experience of three generations gives our customers the confidence we will specify the best treatments and best application techniques, and that these will be undertaken by practitioners who know and understand the complexities of bitumen. We’re specialists in chipseal and many selective treatments and have the capability and capacity to undertake any job which requires asphaltic concrete of any scope or description. Our range of services covers:

Asphaltic Concrete

  • Preparation
  • Planning
  • Design
  • Solutions
  • Residential
  • Commercial
  • Tailor-made

Bitumen Sealing

  • Preparation
  • Planning
  • Seal design
  • NZTA standards
  • Certified plant and operators
  • Traffic Management
  • Seal application
  • Appropriate and correct treatments
  • Correct techniques and methodology

Subdivision Development

If you’re unsure whether your requirements will meet the ever-changing demands of District Planners or will gain resource consent, leave it to the experts. JML can provide a total subdivision development service for you. We will assemble an expert team who will work with you to understand your requirements and transform your concept into reality.

Traffic Management Services

With over 200km of road management undertaken annually, JML has extensive experience in Temporary Traffic Management. We safely manage thousands of vehicles passing through our sites every day. With TMS resources which include fully trained and qualified staff and custom-designed Traffic Management plant and equipment we have the capability to deliver a full traffic plan design, approval and implementation service for our customers.

Road Marking

We have extensive expertise in road marking, both in New Zealand and the Pacific Islands. As an added value to our customers, JML provides road marking and network reinstatement with A Type and B Type machines as a specialised service.

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